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Nederlands damesteam 3e plaats en Joeri Fighting Spirit Prijs op Europese kampioenschappen in Boedapest!



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Afgelopen weekend vond de Europese kampioenschappen in Boedapest plaats, waarbij 6 Fumetsu-leden (Joeri, Dai Linh, Rick, Winston, Seekee

3W Pokal 2013

After two years of absence, Saturday 26th of January the 3W Pokal was held again, in Mainz, Germany. This years 3W Pokal was different from before. With around 70 participants in total, it was much smaller than several years ago, but

Sugo & Etsuko Cup 2013

swedenWelcome to the Sugo & Etsuko cup of 2013!
This year the competition will be held on 2-3 of March the at Heleneholmshallen in Malmö.

The competition classes will be

The Welch Open Taikai

WalesThe Welch Open Taikai will take place in February.
Schedule is as follows:

Friday 8th – Free Keiko 7pm-8pm
Saturday 9th – Team Event, Doors Open at 9am, 10am Start

3W Pokal 2013 Mainz, Germany

GermanyThe 26th of January the yearly 3W (WoschtWeckWoi Pokal) tournament is being held in Mainz in Germany.

Details are to be found on Facebook: 3W linky facebook (you need to log in