Sugo & Etsuko Cup 2013

swedenWelcome to the Sugo & Etsuko cup of 2013!
This year the competition will be held on 2-3 of March the at Heleneholmshallen in Malmö.

The competition classes will be Juniors, Kyu, Dan (Sugo cup), Ladies (Etsuko cup) and Team (3 persons per team). On sunday there will be dan exam.

Sponsor will be EUROKENDO!!!!!

Preliminary schedule
Friday – at Enighet Sport centre

Goodwill keiko

Check in and shinai check

Saturday – at Heleneholmshallen

Etsuko cup

Sugo cup: Kyu

Sugo cup: Junior

Sugo cup: Dan

Good will keiko

Sunday – at Heleneholmshallen

Dan examination

Sugo cup: team competition

Good will keiko

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